How Mao modernised China. And the problem of Tibet.

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How Tibet Emerged Within China.   The complex history, which involved Tang Chinese, Mongols and Manchu, but always within the context of the Chinese state and the power-struggles of those who wished to rule it.

Why the West should not be encouraging Tibetan separatismIncluding the errors in the film Seven Years In Tibet.

The Tibetan Race Riots of 2008Details of how ordinary people were attacked.  And how the BBC was highly biased in its reporting.

Tibet and International LawThe solid legal basis of its status as part of China.

The truth about the Dalai LamaThe discreditable history of this office, which is either a real-life miracle or a deliberate fraud practiced across centuries.  And how the current Dalai Lama has repeatedly been foolish.

How Mao Modernised Chinese ThinkingIn many ways, Mao was following the standard Western methods of industrialising an agricultural society.  All over the world, the process of nation-building normally includes at least one charismatic leader and a period of ideological fervour.   And with descriptions of the process by a Westerner who stayed in China and saw the early stages of the transformation.

China’ ‘Three Bitter Years’, 1959 to 1961The defects of Jasper Becker’s Hungry Ghosts : China’s Secret Famine, the standard Western work about what the West calls the ‘Great Leap Famine’.

Communist China’s 1989 Fight for SurvivalA review of The Tiananmen Papers in 2001, including mentioning the key role of Wan Li.

Reviewing Martin Jacques ‘When China Rules The World‘.  Why his misreads China’s likely intentions and capabilities.  And Jacques’ background in the declining years of pro-Moscow Communism.

Communist China’s survival after the Tiananmen CrackdownThe actual motives, including a program called ‘River Elegy’, which seemed to see Chinese civilisation as a mistake needing redemption by Western values.

Reviewing ‘Mao: the Unknown Story’The various errors of the work of Jung Chang & Jon Halliday.

The Hainan Island incident of 2001A US spy aircraft flying just outside China’s borders collided with a Chinese aircraft that was there to challenge it, killing the pilot.

China rejecting the Western political system.  A dispute from 2005.

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