Freedom as Misunderstood by Liberals

Problems 34: Freedom as Misunderstood by Liberals

Available as a PDF, Problems 34 – Freedom Misunderstood.  And as two on-line articles.

How Gorbachev Wrecked the Soviet Union

Looking at how the man messed up.  And how Western experts still fail to follow what happened.  Don’t see the problem as beginning with Khrushchev bungling the reform process.

A reminded that the Soviet Union worked well in the 1950s and 1960s.  Lost ground only when necessary reforms were bungled.Russia and the USA

Notes on Asocialism

People go wrong by imagining themselves as autonomous individuals who could and should exist independently of the wider society.

How the New Right took advantage of moral uncertainty following the radical and necessary changes demanded by 1960s radicals and protestors.

Why the unregulated internet is not an answer.

  • Freedom and the Sinatra Principle
  • If You Want Freedom, Pay For It!
  • The Global Conspiracy  Against Poor Little Me
  • School Shooters
  • How Dare The World Disappoint Me!
  • Lead Us Not Into Temptation.   Or Frustration.
  • Turks Undemocratically Vote for a Successful Illiberal
  • New Europe, Illiberal Europe
  • Polish Alternatives.
  • “How Dare You Say We’ve Failed,  Just Because We’ve Failed!”
  • As Few Britons as Possible?
  • Phony Economics
  • Big Brother Can See  Everything You Do In Public
  • US Republicans fall apart?
  • Politics In Command in the USA
  • Korea – the USA’s Forgotten War Crimes
  • Germ Warfare In Confirmed History
  • A History of Lying in the USA
  • An Englishman’s Home is Now Unobtainable
  • Suicide By Trade
  • Martin Luther King’s Other Lost Dream
  • Democracy Failing
  • Cherish the Rich and Let the Ordinary Die
Issue 34 of Problems magazine.  2nd quarter, 2018.