We should speak of ‘Our Freedoms’ rather than ‘The Freedom’.  ‘Liberalism’ has been a name for many different things, some way outside of acceptable modern ideas. 
Six articles examine various aspects: now available on-line.

  1. “Anything I Don’t Like, Isn’t Freedom”
  2. If it is broke, do fix it.  (Book Review.)
  3. Israel As Europe’s Last Settler-Colony
  4. Tunbridge Wells has a Drugs and Murder Problem
  5. Being An Aboriginal European
  6. China’s Future: Comrade X and a Man Called Xi

Also available as a PDF: Problem 36 – Post-Liberalism

The broad message is that everyone accepts limits on freedom.  And we need to think seriously about where.

And as a demonstration of the need, I devised the following:Censored Books