2004 Newsnotes

Comments I have made in a magazine called Labour & Trade Union Review, now Labour Affairs.

2004: February,

  • Judges In Denial;
  • Guilty even if innocent;
  • Reinventing Iraq (preferably with no Iraqis in it);
  • New Cross blaze;
  • Speed Cameras: The Right To Slaughter;
  • Land of the Fat & Free.


  • Eagle-Doves and Sinking Ships;
  • Republicans as Post-Liberals;
  • Russia’s Broke, Putin Fixes It;
  • Microsieve;
  • Gerrymandering anti-Semitism;
  • 2+2=5, says the UN;
  • Axis Of Rather Nice People;
  • True Prophets, Too Good To Be True;
  • Two Whatevers Pompously Partnered for Serial Polygamy;
  • Mars: the wet look;
  • Civil Servants.


  • Victory at al-Fallujah;
  • A Roughly Civilised Society [Iraq];
  • Fragging By Internet [Abu Ghraib abuse photos];
  • The Mirror Cracked? [Britain in Iraq];
  • Paper Tiger, Sleeping Warrant [Accusations against Muqtada al-Sadr];
  • Speedboats don’t grow on trees [Iraq and oil];
  • Book-Of-Revelations Diplomacy [Israel];
  • Innocent Until Proven Irish? [IRA men in Columbia].


  • The Pro-Death Lobby [Road Safety];
  • Roll out the $50 barrel;
  • China Violates The Rights Of Money!;
  • Faster, stronger, higher, crooked, unhealthy [Sport];
  • Robots & Racist Dollars [Hollywood values];
  • Boldly Going, Where No One Really Needs To Go [People in space];
  • Iraq and the Overclass;
  • Kerryisms [US Election];
  • Korean Security.


  • Endings [Death of Arafat];
  • One Nation, Dishonest To God [US Elections not Red and Blue];
  • Distraction tactics [Stem Cells];
  • Dogwood allied limits [Iraq]

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