Fire works, Ice Endures

Fire works, Ice Endures

Ice and fire never did get on, but both are part of the Natural Order.  Both older than Earth, but we cooperate.  Are agreed that 5th November is a special day for fire in the ancient land now called Britain.  And we share the current recently-bloomed version of Christmas, candles with crystals and snow images.  Fire works, ice endures.

But now humans have upset the balance of the world.  The poor hard-working Jet Stream can’t cope.  It vomits up bouts of un-seasonal cold of top of the relentless march towards excessive heat.  Including a year with heavy snow all over Britain in early November.

I was British before being Translated Upwards.  I’m now Supervisor of British Snowmen.  The Newly Translated like to slip into them and by Animate again in the material world.  I’ve done it myself, but they must behave.  Or rather not behave, but just stay as passive snow statues.  Not easy even at the best of times.

Snow in Britain on November 5th was not the best of times for me.  Mortals mixed fire and ice, rockets from snowmen and snow castles.  A time to be ready for trouble: a cocktail of both types of spirit.

As it happened, the only person who bent the rules was me.  I’m with ice, but not ice-hearted.  A kid of eleven wanted to see why a firework had not gone off.  So I said “step back, silly, it’s still alight”.

He stepped back and looked round, but saw only a snowman. Then the firework went off, scaring him but not burning him.  But how would he react?  How big an offense must I report to my superiors?

But it was OK.  He said nothing, but got his parents to let him have an old blanket.  Draped over my snowman self.  Needless, but a nice gesture.  When he’s lived out his mortal life, I’d like to see him as one of us.

Copyright Gwydion M. Williams