80.1) Literature, Film and Art

Mark Twain, American Nihilist.  Some of the negative and despairing ideas behind the visible humour.

The original Frankenstein – not at all like the later films and retellings.

Bulstrode’s Progress – the complexities of English hypocracy, illustrated by a character from the novel Middlemarch.

Minterism: an English Vanity.  One of the worst features of the society, displayed by a character in The New Machiavelli, one of H. G. Wells’s mainstream novels.

Eyes and Illusions in Tolkien and Le Guin.   Including an analysis of how the “back-story” changes a lot in the various novels and short stories of her Hainish Cycle.

Orwell Looking Down on British Workers.  How he creates a false impression by leaving out things he’d seen when writing The Road to Wigan Pier.  And was a fairly average colonial racist in Shooting an Elephant.

Book Covers

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