40.1) More on China

Reviewing ‘Mao: the Unknown Story’The various errors of the work of Jung Chang & Jon Halliday.

Reviewing Martin Jacques ‘When China Rules The World‘.  Why his misreads China’s likely intentions and capabilities.  And Jacques’ background in the declining years of pro-Moscow Communism.

Communist China’s survival after the Tiananmen CrackdownThe actual motives, including a program called ‘River Elegy’, which seemed to see Chinese civilisation as a mistake needing redemption by Western values.

The 1989 Tianenmen Crackdown, viewed from 2001.

Communist China’s 1989 Fight for SurvivalA review of The Tiananmen Papers in 2001, including mentioning the key role of Wan Li.

The Hainan Island incident of 2001A US spy aircraft flying just outside China’s borders collided with a Chinese aircraft that was there to challenge it, killing the pilot.

China rejecting the Western political system.  A dispute from 2005.

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