48) Anti-Semitism and Zionism

Zionism as the Abolition of Jews.  Israel is losing touch with the values of Western Jews.

British Guilt for World War One.  From the late 19th century through to 1914, many Britons feared Germany’s growing success in world trade.  Some politicians and officials made secret arrangements to weaken Germany by a war.  These were hidden even from most Cabinet ministers.
This explains the British government’s odd behaviour during the long crisis after the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne by Serbian terrorists.  Russia was ready to go to war to prevent Serbia being punished.  France was expected to join in a war against Germany.  But it was widely expected that the British Empire would stay neutral.  And when Germany asked if Britain would mind much if Germany violated Belgian neutrality, they were given the impression it would not.  Only when the war had started was British public opinion persuaded that Britain was now obliged to go to war over the issue.
Incidentally, most Jews were against the war against Germany.  At that time, Tsarist Russia was the main anti-Semitic power.  Imperial Germany and Austria-Hungary had largely accepted Jews as useful, if not exactly equal.
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British and US Genocide.  The standard Anglo view of the two World Wars was used to justify the Second Gulf War.  It wasn’t true.  Fascism and Hitler flourished for many years with the encouragement of Britain’s National Government.

  • Including details of how mainstream Science Fiction before World War Two was sometime positive or neutral about genocide.

Fewer Anti-Semites in Labour than Tories.  There is anti-Semitism throughout British society: but not high by global standard.  There is less of it on the left and in the Labour Party than on the right.

  • Those who say ‘Labour has an anti-Semitism problem’ are falling for a common media trick: create a massively false impression by selective use of facts that are not in themselves false.
  • Deception by dishonest selection of facts is a clever method, and needs a special name to nail it.  I’d suggest ‘Bliaring’, in honour of Tony Blair and his notorious claim that Iraq could launch ‘weapons of mass destruction’ in 15 minutes.

Defending Ken Livingstone – he was not antisemitic.  And just how widespread antisemitism once was.

Zionism’s Suicidal Militancy: why a hard line is probably doomed, just as it was for the Soviet Union under Brezhnev.

Jews as ‘Collateral Damage’ in the Fall of the British Empire.

The British Empire and the Fifty Years War.  A series of wars including the two World Wars were mostly a failed attempt by Britain to save its global dominance.

Market-Dominating Minorities Across the World.  Jews in Europe as just one example of a global pattern.

Is Giftedness Tied to Cultural Values?  What’s mistaken and what’s useful in Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment (a geographic / historic survey of famous names, mostly dead white males.) How he fails to mention evidence that most US creativity comes from recent arrivals, while being fully assimilated appears to depress creativity.

Sociocide.  How Liberalism and North-West European norms became global norms by all sorts of dubious and oppressive methods.

Economical With The Irish.  How a noted British magazine like The Economist can feel comfortable about the vast number of avoidable Irish deaths in the mid-19th century Potato Famine.

Why Churchill Admired Mussolini.  The matters left out by most of his biographers.

How Churchill was Close to Fascism.  He developed similar ideas, and his opposition to Hitler was based just on fear of Germany becoming stronger than the British Empire.

Lord Haw-Haw and Holocaust Denial.  The dangers of applying legal punishments to expressions of political or historical opinion.

Gerrymandering the Gospels.  Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ’  twists the tale.

“Fundamentalists” versus the Bible.  The Unexpected Things said in the Bible.  Including a detailed comparison of the Seven Days of Creation against a similar Babylonian story and against what we know now.

Also the War on Iraq, which Zionists mostly supported.  Which Israel has been accused of being covertly involved in.

  • Bad Saddam and the Very Moral Lynch Mob.  A view of the case for war, as it existed back in 2003.  It also asked “can Iraq produce anything better than Saddam’s regime?”  Unless you prefer a sectarian Shia regime that is pro-Iranian, the answer has been ‘no’.
  • Iraq: the First Nine Days.  My reflections on the start of the war.
  • Achilles, Westphalia and Iraq.  A review of Philip Bobbitt’s The Shield Of Achilles, written after the 2003 invasion of Iraq.