The invention of agriculture and cities

Problems 33: How Humans Became Citizens

  • The past is never the dead past.  It lives on in habits that make us human
  • The ‘Neolithic Revolution’ happened bit by bit across 3000 years
  • The famous Catalhoeyuek was a dead end, with oddities like not keeping cats to deal with the mice that plagued them
  • The chariot and a class structure that included born warriors caused a vast expansion of speakers of Indo-European languages.  Who probably began in what is now South Russia
  • The historic Troy was a minor place.  A hybrid of Greek and Hittite culture.  Prince Paris was also known by the Greek name Alexander
  • The original legend was probably ‘The Tragedy of Priam’ – Greek legends have him survive an earlier sack as a young man
  • Even that was not history.  Troy was a small place.  Its main decline was due to an earthquake.  Its people were weak ruin-dwellers when it was later sacked.

Issue 33 of Problems magazine.  First quarter, 2018.

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