2005 Newsnotes

Comments I have made in a magazine called Labour & Trade Union Review, now Labour Affairs.

2005: January,

  • Dumping dollars.;
  • From China With ‘Think’ [Lenovo and IBM];
  • Advanced Mice & Backward Humans [DNA studies];
  • Teach Yourself Burglary? [Censorship];
  • Tobacco Holocaust.;
  • Season to be jolly, jolly, jolly, jolly, jolly, jolly, jolly… [Long Christmas Build-Up]
  • A few good sites;
  • Were you noticing…


  • Sudan to split?;
  • Releasing the Hogs Of War [Government and Democracy in Africa];
  • Heroes East and West [Alexander and the First Qin Emperor];
  • Non-Martyrs of the New Right [Zhao Ziyang];
  • Chinese ‘Capitalism’;
  • Fearsome dinosaur-eating mammals (deceased);
  • Work Hard, Torture Hard [Britain in Iraq];
  • God wins Iraqi Election?;
  • Sound-Bitten royals;
  • Some more good websites.


  • The Sistani Tsunami [Iraq Elections];
  • Flight Of The Vulture;
  • Lebanon: “people power” annoys the people;
  • Join the army and be loathed by all the world!;
  • Cokehead Chic;
  • Star Trek: Ending With A Whimper;
  • Global Slum;
  • Fly pigs with me;
  • Make Panic, Not Law;
  • Beautiful Minders.;
  • Better Embedded Than Dead.


  • Howard’s End [Michael Howard];
  • Dead Pope’s Day [Death of John-Paul 2nd];
  • One Funeral and One Remarriage [Prince Charles];
  • God Blesses Germany? [Pope Benedict];
  • Two quarters of the world [China and India];
  • The Other Asia [Japan];
  • Land Of Opportunity? [Social Mobility];
  • A Land Fit For Locusts? [German economy]


  • Floating Yuan, Sinking Dollar.;
  • David Blunkett Is Watching You! [Spy Cameras];
  • It’s Democracy, George, But Not As You Know It [Iraq and Iran];
  • Srebrenica: Selective Memories [Bosnia];
  • The Demoralisation Of Britain;
  • Is Your War Really Necessary?;
  • Free Britons [Ken Livingstone on the London Bombings];
  • Afghans Aren’t Doing It For Themselves;
  • Tubes and Bottlenecks [London Bombings];
  • Tubes and Bottlenecks 2


  • Oil – still too cheap.;
  • Jazzed-up capitalism [New Orleans hurricane];
  • Fewer, worse and bound for the USA [Hurricanes more frequent];
  • Join The Army, Fight The Police [British in Iraq];
  • Open-Legged Politics;
  • NASA’s Great Leap Backward [End of the Space Shuttle];
  • Wandering Stars [Kuiper Belt and Pluto];
  • The Ghost-Ship Enterprise [Star Trek];
  • Why Intelligent Design Is Stupid;
  • For Sale:


  • China – Great-Wall Marts.;
  • Zimbabwe: Majority Reject Democracy.;
  • Rome: Sons Of The Wolf.;
  • Throw-Away People;
  • Society: It Was Good When It Existed;
  • Tories Get Right Up Your Nose;
  • A Caliphate Worse Than Death?.;
  • ICANN – Nations Shall Have Intercourse, But Pretend Otherwise [Internet];
  • By McLuhan, Out Of Thatcher [Henry Jackson Society].

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