Newsnotes From 1987

Newsnotes 001 – January 1987.  Atomic weapons: Reykjavik, “SALT” and “Star Wars”.  The failed negotiations between Reagan and Gorbachev.

Newsnotes 002 – April 1987.  Zircon affair, and the 1987 Chinese protest against Deng, which foreshadowed the 1989 Tiananmen Uprising.

Newsnotes 003 – July 1987. Dianne Abbot elected.   Growing inequality in Britain.  The Guinness scandal and Ernest Saunders.  The short-lived News on Sunday.

Newsnotes 004 – October 1987.  How the West saved Saddam Hussein when he was still useful.  Racial differences in school performance.  The suicide of Rudolph Hess.

Newsnotes 005 – January 1988.  The King’s Cross fire, Knighthoods and Snobbery, Iran-Iraq War, Ethics of research on human fertilized eggs.

Newsnotes 006 – April 1988.  Thatcher’s Budget.  Why she liked ‘Yes Minister’.  The decay of the ‘Social and Liberal Democrats’, now Liberal Democrats.

Newsnotes 007 – July 1988.  1688 as Permanent Revolution in Britain.  The French alternative.  The 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. Flags of convenience.  Private Eye.  The neglect of Afghanistan after the Soviet withdrawal.

Newsnotes 008 – October 1988.   Why low voting figures do not indicate discontent.  Apparent stability in Iran.  Early indications we were finding planets round other stars.

Newsnotes 009 – January 1989.  Michael Dukakis, Gorbachev, Poll Tax, Iran, Misunderstanding Nazi Germany, IRA, Means Test, Student Loans, egg hygiene.

Newsnotes 010 – March 1989.  Salman Rushdie, Japan, Cuts to Science Funding, European Union forcing television listing magazines to show all channels.

Newsnotes 011 – May 1989.  Water Privatisation, Multiculturalism in one culture?, Salman Rushdie: Free speech for Satan, Cold Fusion, Glasnost and Khrushchev’s Secret Speech, Contragate.

Newsnotes 012 – July 1989.  Thatcher and Europe, Money Supply, Dogs Not Happy in Cities, The Pope And Presbyterians, Private Eye and the Yorkshire Ripper.

Newsnotes 013 – September 1989.  Why people stopped going to the moon.  British government opposing European health measures, Neglect of Afghanistan, Poland re-emerging as independent (this being before the December collapse), Corporate Manslaughter not being enforced..

Newsnotes 014 – November 1989.  Tory economic woes, Galileo space probe and the original Galileo pardoned by the Pope, Refugees, German re-unification, Hackers and the law, the Channel Tunnel useful but unlikely to make a commercial profit.

Newsnotes 015 – January 1990.  The collapse of East European Leninism.  The first failed attempt to dump Thatcher, with a forecast she would go soon.  Nikolai Tolstoy guilty of libelling Lord Aldington.   The Blue Arrow / County NatWest Scandal.

Newsnotes 016 – March 1990. The economic destructiveness of Thatcherism.  The use of gender-neutral language.  The fall of Ceausescu.  Turks and Turkic peoples.  A hopeful forecast that South Africa under Mandela would work.  Climate Change needing urgent action.  The Literati defend Rushdie.

Newsnotes 017 – May 1990.  Lithuania’s bid for independence, abortion in Belgium, the Hubble Space Telescope, prospects for replacing Thatcher.
Misunderstanding Stalin: “I am not suggesting that what Stalin did should ever be repeated. I do say that he was successful, and that the failures were those of his successors.”

Newsnotes 018 – July 1990. The Soviet collapse and Yeltsin’s prospects.  Israel and Palestine.  Why US electronics succeeded thanks to companies like Fairchild.   Hubble launched.  Racism in London.  Irish Border.  Maxwell’s ‘The European’.  Viz.  London telephone numbers.  Channel Tunnel links needed.

Newsnotes 019 – September 1990.  Home Ownership not favoured by Tories.  High-Speed Channel Tunnel links.  Memories of the 1945 Labour Government.  Global Greenhouse Prospects.  Muslim protests over Rushdie.  The assassination of Ian Gow a smart move by the IRA.

Newsnotes 020 – November 1990.  The Politics of Britain’s Bonfire NightStar Trek begun again in 1990.  Gorbachev, Bush Junior, Labour not organizing in Northern Ireland, Zeebrugge ferry disaster, Booker Prize , Astronomy’s ‘Great Attractor’.

Newsnotes 021 – January 1991.  Labour Facing John Major, Media Double-Think, Warning Against a Gulf War, Poland With Lech Walesa as President. NASA’s unwise cost-cutting.

Newsnotes 022 – March 1991.  God and the big battalions – crushing Iraq.  Wars of religion (forecast).  Terrorism Forecast.  Bad Reporting.  From Hungary to Lithuania.

Newsnotes 023 – May 1991.  Gulf War Lies & Callousness to ArabsSicilian Godfathers in Fact and FilmThe Post-1956 Failure of Pro–Moscow Communism.  Replacing the Poll Tax.

Newsnotes 024 – July 1991.  Gulf aftermath, Ethiopia, Mao’s Achievements, Leningrad and Stalingrad, Polish Popery.

Newsnotes 025 – September 1991.  Serbs and Croats – who was anti-Nazi?  Sheik-down?, Inkathagate (Making peace in South Africa), The Grenada 14, Watchers of the skies (the first exoplanets).

Newsnotes 026 – November 1991.  The Soviet Fall,  Serbs in Kosovo (when the West still supported them), Police fixes, Adverts and drug abuse.

Newsnotes 027 – January 1992.  Hilda’s Gotterdamerung (Thatcher marginalised), Blakelock and Lockerbie (finding scapegoats), Sod off, Gorby (Gorbachev marginalised), The end of ‘Marxism Today’ – smug amidst the ruins of left-wing politics.

Newsnotes 028 – March 1992.  The Labour Party and Moscow.  The Sun misquotes us.  The SDLP in Northern Ireland.

Newsnotes 029 – May 1992.  McLunatic polls (Labour losing the 1992 election), Labour Needs a Working Class Section, Liberal-Democrats – a remnant once again, The life-blood of industry, Dead canaries (Canary Wharf).

Newsnotes 030 – July 1992.  Labour and Europe, Magical mystery monarchies, Gouldfinger, Filipinos reject Sin, Star Trek – the Cash Generation (BBC dropping ‘the Next Generation).

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