2002 Newsnotes

Comments I have made in a magazine called Labour & Trade Union Review, now Labour Affairs.

2002: January:

  • Political dollars;
  • Afghans;
  • You Will Fly These Hijackers To Cuba;
  • New Labour Of The Third Kind;
  • Peer Pressure.


  • Neophilliacs of the ICA;
  • Anthrax: Born In The USA;
  • Forgiven criminals [Unit 731];
  • Glad To Be Dull? [Japan];
  • As you sow, so shall you poison.


  • Africa as Europe’s backyard;
  • George Bush, anti-globaliser;
  • Global Lynch Law


  • The Silence Of The Thunderers;
  • Hard Right Blues;
  • Hard Left, Harder Left, Hardly Left, Little Left;
  • Our laws, not The Law;
  • Half-Liberalism;
  • Queen-mummified.


  • A global civil war;
  • Habeas Nothing;
  • Press Corruptors;
  • Consignia To The Dustbin;
  • Genetically Modified [Food].


  • Journalists – spies for God;
  • Stamp on e-mail;
  • India-Pakistan.


  • Fight for the right to slaughter?;
  • A deadly friendship;
  • The road to Bali [Bali Bomb];
  • All-American Terrorism? [Washington Shooters];
  • Extremicide [Chechens];
  • No-show Trial [Milosevic];
  • Back to basics, front to Edwina Currie [John Major].


  • Japan: Ninja Economics?;
  • If it prosper, it is not Extremism [Islamism in Turkey];
  • Five Bitches Called Eve [The evolution of dogs];
  • What The Butler Never Said;
  • Sad to be Nasty: the Tory disintegration

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