90.2) My Holiday Photos

China and Mongolia in 1997 – a Total Solar Eclipse.  Photos taken from a video, a bit blurry.

Koln (Cologne) and Aachen, July – August 2002. Two ancient German cities.

Iceland, June 2003.  An eclipse, but it was solid cloud cover.  A nice holiday, even so.  A very raw landscape, much of it created relatively recently by volcanoes.

Munich and South Germany, July 2003.

Oslo, July 2004.

Madrid, August 2005.  Included an annular eclipse.

Vienna, June 2006.

Hamburg and Lubeck, July 2007.

Ireland, many visits across the years.

China 2008 – the best of my photos, from Shanghai, Xian, Jiuquan and Jiayuquan Pass at the far western end of the Great Wall.  There was a Total Solar Eclipse there.  (And there are more photos and albums than I have linked to.)

China 2009 – another Total Solar Eclipse.  Visible from Shanghai, but we watched it from a lakeside centre near Hangzhou, which was the capital of the Southern Sung dynasty.  And then visited the even older cities of Suzhou and Wuxi.

Chinese cyclist, and a few on motorbikes.  Many riding two on a bike, occasionally three.

Japan in 2010, many photos among my albums.

Frankfurt in 2011, many photos among my albums.

Singapore, Australia and New Zealand in 2012, for the Australian Total Solar Eclipse.  Once again, many albums.

In 2013, 2014 and 2015 I have been busy moving from Peterborough to Coventry after retiring from my job in Peterborough.

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