Magazines 001 to 012

Issue 1 from January 1987.
Restoring Labour (how it might have happened).  Socialists in retrospect: Anthony CroslandRacism as Anti-Racism.  Housing.  Reagan’s ‘Star Wars’.
Available as a PDF, LA001 January 1987.

Issue 2 from April 1987.
The Brixton Riots of 1987.  And the Chinese demonstrations that anticipated of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protest.  Also Socialists in retrospect: R. H. Tawney.
Available as a PDF, LA 002 – Whole Magazine.

Issue 3 from July 1987.
Individual web pages: Clement Attlee, Prime Minister of the 1945 Labour Government.  Noted socialist Hugh Dalton. Newsnotes: Dianne Abbot and growing inequality.
Available as a PDF, LA003 Full Magazine.

Issue 4 from October 1987.
Individual web pages: Harold Wilson, the British Monarchy and Why Pornography does not cause Rape.   And how the West saved Saddam Hussein after his failed war on Iran.
Available as a PDF, LA004 Full Magazine

Issue 5 from January 1988.
Poll Tax, Scepticism about Gorbachev’s Reforms, at a time when no one at all was expecting the sudden collapse that happened from November 1989 to August 1991.
Also the Soviets Since Stalin, Child Benefit, British Spies (‘Spycatcher’), and a review of the French films Jean de Florette and Manon des Sources.
Also available as a PDF, LA005 January 1988

Issue 6, April 1988.
Fear of Corporatism.  Looking back at May 1968.
Also available as a PDF, LA006 Full Magazine

Issue 7, July 1988.
Thatcherism versus Toryism. In Defence of Pornography. Shoot to Kill – IRA Gibraltar killing. Health Care in the USA.   Nations in Conflict (a round-up of the conflicts happening round the world in 1988)
Looking back at the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia (which with hindsight doomed the Soviet Bloc to stagnation and death).
Criticising how the USA were neglecting Afghanistan.  (Which paved the way for 911 and other disasters.)
Available as a PDF, LA007 Whole Magazine

Issue 8, October 1988.
1688 and Socialism.   How Vietnam Won the War But Lost the Peace.     Thatcherite Selfishness (Loadsamoney).    A 1988 statement of our aims and objectives.
Available as a PDF, LA008 – October 1988.

Issue 9, January 1989,
Charter 88 – the British Left demand for a written constitution.
Available as a PDF, LA009 Full Magazine.

Issue 10, March 1989
Thatcherism coming apart at the seams, Labour and the Bomb (in 1989), Housing in Britain.   How the British Left defeated itself.
Available as a PDF, LA010 March1989

Issue 11, May 1989.
The row over Islam and ‘Satanic Verses’: Multiculturalism and the Rushdie Dispute, Protecting Islam Within Britain (History ), and The Social Origins of Islam.
Belfast and the French Revolution.
Available as a PDF, L11 May 1989

Issue 12, July 1989
Labour and the Atomic Weapons, The Tiananmen Protests (predicting that Communist Party rule would continue for many years), Thatcher’s Rise to Power, The 1789 French Revolution and Its Unstable Politics.
Available as a PDF, L12 July 1989


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