How the British Empire blighted Britain, and more British politics

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The Significance of the Year 1984.  The year should have been celebrated as the centenary of British democracy. Only in 1884 did a majority of adult males living in Britain have a vote.  George Orwell managed to give it a very different meaning.

How the British Empire Blighted Britain.  Large parts of the British Isles are depopulated while wealth flows to London as a Global City.

Slavery in the British Empire.   Slavery of a very modern and commercial sort was closely associated with the rise of Britain as a world power, and the rise of the USA as a British offshoot

The Legacy of Tony Blair.  Written in 2007, when he stepped down as Prime Minister.  Saying a lot about the Iraq War: “Anyone who wanted a westernised and secular Iraq but was against Saddam was a fool“.

Ed Miliband’s anti-state legacy.  The notions he probably acquired from his father, the non-Leninist Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband.  A man who shed fog and darkness on the matter of what the state should be doing.

Orwell Looking Down on British Workers.  How he creates a false impression by leaving out things he’d seen when writing The Road to Wigan Pier.  And was a fairly average colonial racist in Shooting an Elephant.

Mary Tudor and Elizabeth – almost a beautiful story.  How history might have been very different had Mary had a son and heir to carry on a Tudor Catholic line.  If there was a destiny that shaped Great Britain’s rise, then it wasn’t a destiny that cared anything for Christianity in either its Protestant or Roman Catholic versions.

Minterism: an English Vanity.  One of the worst features of the society, displayed by a character in one of H. G. Wells’s mainstream novels.

How New Labour Emerged from 1970s Labour Leftism.  The curious history of the leading figures in the Blair / Brown years.

Poppy Day after the Iraq War.  How popular enthusiasm is waining, despite all the establishment hype.

William Hague and the 2001 General Election.  Why it is fortunate he lost.

British Democracy Began in 1884, at the earliest.  The USA was not much better, maintaining racism into the 1960s.

The Royal Bank “of Scotland”.  Looking at how the National Westminster Bank was swallowed, and a crisis created.  Also the rise of Scottish Nationalism, considered in 2008

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