Economics is about people, not money

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Why Capitalist ‘Managerial Science’ is Highly Collectivist.  Looking at a noted book called ‘Creating We”, created by business for business.  And implicitly contradicting official economics, which supposes detached individualism.

How Roosevelt’s New Deal Saved the West.  And what he said about parasitic finance.

Remixing the Mixed Economy.   A review of Ha-Joon Chang’s 23 Things They Don’t Tell You about Capitalism.

Life as a burden on money.   How we are still paying for fear of Corporatism in the 1970s.  Why the Coalition’s policies are not about freedom but about a planned policy of ‘Feed the Rich’.

The Unnatural Nature of Commerce.  Far from arising from human nature, it is a gross distortion of what we mostly are.

Coleridge and the end of Christian economics.  How a man who was a philosopher as well as poet had a plausible alternative to the Adam Smith vision.  And how he noticed the Trade Cycle, maybe the first person to do so.

Petty on Real Capitalism.  Writing a much more authentic description than the later work of Adam Smith. How he anticipated the modern world much better than Smith did, including the possibility of Britain becoming a country mostly devoted to industry and commerce, with agriculture margainalised.  And was in favour of tax as part of the developing economy, accepting the necessary role of the state.

Capitalism Within Culture.   What we had between World War Two and the 1980s was a ‘mixed economy’. Theorists of both left and right disliked it intensely when the real world made an untidy mess across their nice clean categories. Instead of adjusting their minds and devising more realistic theories, they insisted that there was a fault in reality.

Economics is About People, Not Money.  Looking at the social context in which Britain industrialised.  Suggesting that Marx and others were mistaken in just looking at the capitalist element in it.  And that in Adam Smith’s time, the British state was expanding faster than the economy was, part of a successful mix.

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