Fascism and World War Two.

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Britain’s Purely Imperialist War Against Nazi Germany.  Churchill was concerned about saving the British Empire.   George Orwell wanted something much less radical than actually emerged: a socialist version of the Empire with Britain still dominant.

Hitler’s English Inspirers.  Review of a book that details all of the connection.  That it went far beyond the handful of Britons who remained pro-Hitler during World War Two.

Hitler and the Tories.  Hitler’s rise would have been impossible if he had not been treated as a normal and sometimes useful politician by a large section of the British Tory Party.  A possible ally in the Imperial end-game, in which the main issue was Britain maintaining its status as the world’s number one power.

Raymond Williams in World War Two.  How he was a pacifist in the 1930s, but came round to the idea that war was necessary.  How he joined the Communist Party, and why he left it.

Churchill and ‘The Few’.  He praised the British bombers who were going after targets in Germany, as well as British fighters defending against German bombers.  And was intent on repeating the World War One tactic of starving Germany into surrender.

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