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Deaths caused by Hitler – not less than 45 million.

August News-Blog
Yes, There Are Alternatives
 Portugal Rises, Britain Sinks; The Tories Are Revolting; Heatwave – Oilmen Innocent Even Though Clearly Guilty; Young People Think It’s Their World, Their Society; ‘Lewisham East By-Election; Artificial Intelligence’ – it is Automated Officiousness; Gay Cakes; From Russia, Improbably; Planned Addictions; China Rising; The Dirty War in Iraq; Wrecking the USA; California Dreaming; ; The Right to Troll?; Bitcoin is a Crook’s Best Friend; Shame in Ukraine; Poor Little Croatia?; White Helmets, Black Hearts?; Panic?  In Public, My Face Is Recognisable!; Tolerance – Not Unlimited; Undue Tolerance for the Overclass; Hate the Many, Not the Few; Fooled R Us; Needing Good Jobs; Feed the Rich, Crush the Ordinary; Korea; Windrush Scandal; Lukewarm on Israel; British Soldiers Off-Limits?; British Shopping Fading.; China Curbs Overpaid Stars; Chinese Super-Cities; Chinese Beliefs; British Divorce Laws Out of Date; Paris 1968; Protecting Women; Inequality and Investment; Lebanon Changes; Unjust Rules; Failed Cosmopolitanism; Stress; Close Votes Save Mrs May; Tom Wolfe: The False Stuff.
Also available as a PDF – Blog On The News – August 2018

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