New for June and July

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Feed-the-Rich Economics. How the Mixed Economy won the Cold War.

Democracies and one-party states.  Western Europe’s systems are not the only way.

Newsnotes April 2018: Time On Our Side, You Don’t Need a Gay Indian-Irishman To Know Which Way the Wind Blows, Ambiguous Leftism in the Czech Republic, More Old Hatreds Revive, Jews, Seals and Antisemites, Gaddafi the Second?, Snippets , Don’t worry, be Finland, Money Fit for Crooks, Remembering Stephen Hawking.

Newsnotes May 2018; Policeless policing?, Windrush  – “Don’t Take Truth for an Answer”, Is This the Facebook that Shipped A Thousand Lies?, From Technocrat to Cashocrats, China – Trade Insults, Not Goods?, Snippets, Korea, Wasteful Wars, As Honest as a Fox.

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