Guerilla Warfare and Religion

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Wordsworth on Guerilla Warfare.  Mostly known nowadays for his poetry, Wordsworth showed a lot of political insight, though opting for a version of conservatism that was almost extinct even before Thatcher destroyed Old Toryism.  But this former radical showed a very early understanding of a new type of warfare that had begun in Spain.

Burke – a British and Irish Deist.  A man who founded 19th century Toryism, but was a Whig.  And a disbeliver in an era before this could be said openly.

Celtic, Germanic, Multicultural.  The relationships between the peoples of North-West Europe.  And remarks on their current religious beliefs.

England’s Christian Revolution.  The rival British Christianities of the 17th Century, and their relationship to the British Wars (“English Civil War”).

Is evil a problem?  A quick discussion of what we might mean when we say ‘evil’.

“Fundamentalists” versus the Bible.  The Unexpected Things said in the Bible.  Including a detailed comparison of the Seven Days of Creation against a similar Babylonian story and against what we know now.

Gaia, daughter of Pangloss.  Lovelock’s Gaia Hypothesis as Rehashed Religion.

Gerrymandering the Gospels.  Mel Gibson’s ‘The Passion of the Christ’  twists the tale.

The Gospel of Enoch.  How Mr Enoch Powell in his Evolution of the Gospel: A New Translation of the First Gospel defends his version of Christianity on the basis that the compilers of the Gospels were gross liars.

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