Iraq and Miscellaneous Topics

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Iraq and the Anglosphere:

US Reaction to 9/11.  The decision to  invade Afghanistan.

Serbs Good, Germans Bad.  Serbs Bad, Germans Good.  How the Anglosphere has revised its view of history.  Evading the embarrasing fact that defending ‘galant little Serbia’ was once

The Nobel Prize for Pleasing Norwegian Parliamentarians.  What the Nobel Peace Prize is really about.

When Shrimps Learn To Whistle.  Dennis Healey on the Soviet collapse.  His shrewd comparison of Khrushchev’s Secret Speech and the Second Vatican Council, which threw away a lot of what Roman Catholics had believed to be the core of their faith.

Who Won the Cold War?  Suggesting that Marx’s ideas have been absorbed into the entire society and become the norm.   And the curious way in which Moderate Socialists forgot about the Mixed Economy and started insisting it was all capitalism.

Japan – not going to the dogs or daemons.  Reviewing a book called  Dogs and Demons: The Fall of Modern Japan.  And also noticing that Japan’s sudden economic standstill in the 1990s diverted US attention at a time when some people in the USA saw Japan as the ‘next enemy’.

British Tyranny in Kenya.  A 1950s rear-guard action by the British Empire, seeking to preserve British settlers who had siezed a lot of the best land.  The brutality of the British side in suppressing the Independence fighters.

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