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Problems 33: How Humans Became Citizens.
Humans Ascending; Metals and Marxists; Catalhoeyuek – a Dead End Without Streets; No Cats At Catalhoeyuek; Walking Birds and Headless Humans; Cities, States, and Leninists as Criminals; Wheels On Fire; Priam’s Tragedy – the Original Trojan Legend?; Troy’s Non-Greek Alexander; Greece Without Greeks.

Also I got behind with updating this blog.  Earlier items were:

October NewsnotesNew Labour – the Timid Tendency Fades, Hurricanes – Abnormal is the New Normal, Times Are Changing, The Chinese Example, No, There Is No International Law, Sport Polluted By Money, Racism in Sweden, Snippets , Wider Anti-Semitism Acknowledged?, Dangers of Alcohol, Brexit.

September NewsnotesBritons Voting For Their Own Suffering, Shed No Tears for Bomber McCain, Trump Guilt of Sex!, Fifty Years On From Russia Crushing Czechoslovakia, A Deadly Bridge In Italy, Getting Tough With Turks, Living In Peace, Another Suffering Minority, Brains Hurt?, Wrecked Syria, Sex Abuse Wasn’t Only Catholics.

Zionism as the Abolition of Jews.  Israel is losing touch with the values of Western Jews.

October: July Newsnotes.   August News-BlogOctober News-Blog.

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