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Problems 30: The 13th Chancellor
Hitler’s Organic Links with British & Wider European Culture
The Uncomfortable Closeness of Adolph Hitler; Fantasy-Genocide in the Modern Mainstream; Hitler’s Misjudgements; Karl Lueger – The Road Not Taken; Mussolini – Our Jews and Other Jews; Who Do You Blame?; ‘Our Jews’ as Other Jews?; The Protocols of Zion –  a Plagiarism of ‘Joly the Miserable’; From Russia With Hate; Antisemitism in the London Times; Joly’s Metamorphosis; The Shaping of Hitler; Who was ‘Joly the Miserable’?; Hitler’s Private Views; Appendix: Was Hitler Really 13th?

Also available as a PDF, Problems 30 – the 13th Chancellor

Now Online – Newsnotes for March:
Cuckoo Capitalism
; Top Accountants as ‘Easy Priests’; Let them starve, but do not sin!; Death of a God-Salesman (Billy Graham) ; China facing the 2020s; Czech Majority Undemocratically Elect Anti-Western Candidate; From Outer Space came Baked Alaska; Snippets: Massive Tory failure in Local Government; The patriot’s Brexit game;Boots, Boots, Boots, Boots, Marching over all of us!.

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