6th April – George Orwell and Spain, plus Human Giftedness

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Why the Left lost the Spanish Civil War.  Mostly concerned with the popular view that credits George Orwell and POUM and downplays the achievement of the Communist Movement.

Orwell on Spain and Britain.  George Orwell was part of Britain’s 20th century mistake.  His vision of socialism would have been an improved British Empire using socialist ideology. He never read much history or economics.  He was frequently wrong and sometimes dishonest.

British and US Genocide.  The standard Anglo view of the two World Wars was used to justify the Second Gulf War.  It wasn’t true.  Fascism and Hitler flourished for many years with the encouragement of Britain’s National Government.   Including details of how mainstream Science Fiction before World War Two was sometime positive or neutral about genocide.

Behind every Great Man there’s a Great Ape.  The odd way in which we became human, and the ancestral features we still retain.  Giftedness as a mental abnormality, and closely tied to things we class as maladjustment or madness.

Is Giftedness Tied to Cultural Values?  What’s mistaken and what’s useful in Charles Murray’s Human Accomplishment (a geographic / historic survey of famous names, mostly dead white males.) How he fails to mention evidence that most US creativity comes from recent arrivals, while being fully assimilated appears to depress creativity.

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