Friday 3rd April

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Arkwright and the rise of the factory system.   It has no single beginning, but Richard Arkwright was a major contributor to a system in which a few people controlled the work of many.  He was hard-working and clever, but also a man who stole other people’s ideas.  A man who turned the work of many into wealth for just himself.

Anti-Globalisation in 2001.  Why the main protestors were “rebels without a clue”.

New Right Ideas – Hayek and Ayn Rand.   Why the USA had to rely on first-generation immigrants to think up reasons for letting business do what it liked.

Milton Friedman and his Errors.  He treats the economy as a set of disconnected households that trade, or refuse to trade, without ever being compelled to make a trade they don’t like. But households as units of production are found only where trade is marginal and agriculture dominant. They exist where capitalism is excluded by law, custom or sheer poverty.

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