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Also much new material, including articles written in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Articles that give a fair forecast of how Gorbachev would fail, and how the USA’s New World Order would fail.

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October Newsnotes: Beyond Thunberg: Getting Back to Healthy Growth, Thomas Cook Goosed, Yemen – Islam versus Islam, Islam, and Islam, Hong Kong Folly, Cold Violence and Hot Violence , Urban Farmers, Black on Black Racism, Italy: More Failed Populism, India: Government That Works, Shopping With a Visible Face, Buddhist Religious Abuse, A Tobin Tax At Last?


A major reorganise, with some extras under the menus 90) Who Am I and 85) Science Fiction & Fantasy.


June Newsnotes: Crouching Huawei, Falling Apple, ‘Please Copy the USA’s Failure’, Xi: Unity is Strength, The End of Britain’s Iron Age?, China Now, India Next?, Free Only If Faceless?, Populism – ‘Scorn the People’ fails, Come fly with me and die with me?, What Next Without May?, More Government Needed, Executive Drug-Pushers.

Print–only: Problems 39 – The West Fails in Five Civilisations. Western media accurately report that things are going wrong for them globally.  But try to avoid blame.


May Newsnotes: Boeing, Going, Gone?, Huawei – Panic Over Better Products, Climate Change as Negligent Genocide, Saddam’s Ghost in Sri Lanka, Farm Poverty, Don’t worry, it’s only an earthquake, What Should We Fear?, Ukraine Opts for a Jewish Joke.

Balfour on Cobden and Progress.  A key Tory thinker from before 1914.   His views on Free Trade and on Progress remain very relevant.

Israel Taking Too Much – risking its long-term survival.


April Newsnotes: Climate – A Witch’s Brew; Britain: Mild Warmth and Gross Inaction; Zionism – All Loyal Jews Must Join a Sinking Ship; Snippets; Reform and Perish!; Boeing’s Nose-Dive; Brexit.

Labour Party Defectors of 2019.  Written in March, when they seemed serious.
Explaining that ‘Fear of Socialism’ was the only coherent motive.


Innovation Without Capitalism.   How radio developed from pure science.  And how Marconi, who made it real, was quite at home with Italian Fascism.
How most new inventions came from non-capitalist sources.

March Newsnotes:  Vote for Cheese, Get Chalk, It’s a Silly Overclass, Europe Flourishing Without Britain, Forgetting Yugoslavia, Weather, Feed the Rich, Kill Off the Old, Uncontrolled Social Media, Hungary Values Itself.


Problems 34: Freedom as Misunderstood by Liberals

  • How Gorbachev Wrecked the Soviet Union
    • Looking at how the man messed up.
    • A reminded that the Soviet Union worked well in the 1950s and 1960s.
  • Notes on Asocialism
    • People go wrong by imagining themselves as autonomous individuals who could and should exist independently of the wider society.
    • How the New Right took advantage of moral uncertainty following the radical and necessary changes demanded by 1960s radicals and protestors.
    • Why the unregulated internet is not an answer.

Available as a PDF, Problems 34 – Freedom Misunderstood

News Notes for February, State Aid: Bad for Everyone Except Me, Socialist Failure?, Feed-the-Rich Economics, The Last March of Donald Trump, A Man, a Plan, an Abomination – Venezuela, Dams Damned,

February News Blogs:
Politics:, Climate Change – Justified Fear, Child of Krakatoa, Korean Protests, Xinjiang – Don’t Mention Islamic Terrorists!, DVDs Doomed?,
Science:, Beyond Earth, We Seek Wisdom, Ultima Thule – the Furthest Visited Object, Other Space News, Gene Therapy – Not Making Superhumans, Monkeys Get Cosy With Wolves, Kilograms Leaving the Material World,
Science Fiction:, New Right Economics as Science Fiction, Games of Thrones and Books, And if you prefer Lord of the Rings…, Watership Down: A Tale of Dead Rabbits,


Fear of Socialism.  How the Labour Party defectors have abandoned all Labour traditions and now defend the excess wealth of the rich.  And how the charge of anti-Semitism is wildly hyped, pushed at the expense of other forms of discrimination.

December Newsnotes: Bush Senior, the Vice President, They Shall Not Grow Old: They Were Stupidly Slaughtered, US Republicans – Make Hate, Not Love, Climate Change – Not Always Warm, But Mostly Worse, Climate-Change Extinction?  Or Hitler Plus?, Taiwan: Not Gayly Wed, Not Separatist, Ukraine Versus Ukraine, But Blaming Russia, From Brexit to Poxit?


Problems 33: How Humans Became Citizens.
Humans Ascending; Metals and Marxists; Catalhoeyuek – a Dead End Without Streets; No Cats At Catalhoeyuek; Walking Birds and Headless Humans; Cities, States, and Leninists as Criminals; Wheels On Fire; Priam’s Tragedy – the Original Trojan Legend?; Troy’s Non-Greek Alexander; Greece Without Greeks.

November Newsnotes: Trump Resigns as World Boss, Trump Upholds Feed-the-Rich, Doctor Who and the Real Racists, Brazil, Where the Politics is Nuts, Hurricanes, Japan Recovers.

October NewsnotesNew Labour – the Timid Tendency Fades, Hurricanes – Abnormal is the New Normal, Times Are Changing, The Chinese Example, No, There Is No International Law, Sport Polluted By Money, Racism in Sweden, Snippets , Wider Anti-Semitism Acknowledged?, Dangers of Alcohol, Brexit.

September NewsnotesBritons Voting For Their Own Suffering, Shed No Tears for Bomber McCain, Trump Guilt of Sex!, Fifty Years On From Russia Crushing Czechoslovakia, A Deadly Bridge In Italy, Getting Tough With Turks, Living In Peace, Another Suffering Minority, Brains Hurt?, Wrecked Syria, Sex Abuse Wasn’t Only Catholics.

Zionism as the Abolition of Jews.  Israel is losing touch with the values of Western Jews.

October: July Newsnotes.   August News-BlogOctober News-Blog.

September: Newsnotes for June:

Baby Boomers to Blame?  How the wealth-grab by a more-than-millionaire class has been overlooked, with ordinary people tricked into blaming each other.

The ‘White Race’ does not exist.  Why I identify myself as an ‘Aboriginal European’.

Britain’s Mixed Feelings About Hitler in the 1930s.   Until it came to war, the British Centre-Right was surprisingly friendly to Hitler.

August  Deaths caused by Hitler – not less than 45 million.

August News-Blog: Yes, There Are Alternatives
 Portugal Rises, Britain Sinks; The Tories Are Revolting; Heatwave – Oilmen Innocent Even Though Clearly Guilty; Young People Think It’s Their World, Their Society; ‘Lewisham East By-Election; Artificial Intelligence’ – it is Automated Officiousness; Gay Cakes; From Russia, Improbably; Planned Addictions; China Rising; The Dirty War in Iraq; Wrecking the USA; California Dreaming; ; The Right to Troll?; Bitcoin is a Crook’s Best Friend; Shame in Ukraine; Poor Little Croatia?; White Helmets, Black Hearts?; Panic?  In Public, My Face Is Recognisable!; Tolerance – Not Unlimited; Undue Tolerance for the Overclass; Hate the Many, Not the Few; Fooled R Us; Needing Good Jobs; Feed the Rich, Crush the Ordinary; Korea; Windrush Scandal; Lukewarm on Israel; British Soldiers Off-Limits?; British Shopping Fading.; China Curbs Overpaid Stars; Chinese Super-Cities; Chinese Beliefs; British Divorce Laws Out of Date; Paris 1968; Protecting Women; Inequality and Investment; Lebanon Changes; Unjust Rules; Failed Cosmopolitanism; Stress; Close Votes Save Mrs May; Tom Wolfe: The False Stuff.
Also available as a PDF – Blog On The News – August 2018

June & July: Feed-the-Rich Economics. How the Mixed Economy won the Cold War.

Democracies and one-party states.  Western Europe’s systems are not the only way.

Newsnotes April 2018: Time On Our Side, You Don’t Need a Gay Indian-Irishman To Know Which Way the Wind Blows, Ambiguous Leftism in the Czech Republic, More Old Hatreds Revive, Jews, Seals and Antisemites, Gaddafi the Second?, Snippets , Don’t worry, be Finland, Money Fit for Crooks, Remembering Stephen Hawking.

Newsnotes May 2018; Policeless policing?, Windrush  – “Don’t Take Truth for an Answer”, Is This the Facebook that Shipped A Thousand Lies?, From Technocrat to Cashocrats, China – Trade Insults, Not Goods?, Snippets, Korea, Wasteful Wars, As Honest as a Fox.

28th May: The 13th Chancellor
Hitler’s Organic Links with British & Wider European Culture
The Uncomfortable Closeness of Adolph Hitler; Fantasy-Genocide in the Modern Mainstream; Hitler’s Misjudgements; Karl Lueger – The Road Not Taken; Mussolini – Our Jews and Other Jews; Who Do You Blame?; ‘Our Jews’ as Other Jews?; The Protocols of Zion –  a Plagiarism of ‘Joly the Miserable’; From Russia With Hate; Antisemitism in the London Times; Joly’s Metamorphosis; The Shaping of Hitler; Who was ‘Joly the Miserable’?; Hitler’s Private Views; Appendix: Was Hitler Really 13th?

8th May – Newsnotes for March:
Cuckoo Capitalism
; Top Accountants as ‘Easy Priests’; Let them starve, but do not sin!; Death of a God-Salesman (Billy Graham) ; China facing the 2020s; Czech Majority Undemocratically Elect Anti-Western Candidate; From Outer Space came Baked Alaska; Snippets: Massive Tory failure in Local Government; The patriot’s Brexit game;Boots, Boots, Boots, Boots, Marching over all of us!.

13th April – Newsnotes for December 2017 and February 2018.

3rd April – Jews as ‘Collateral Damage’ in the Fall of the British Empire:
Part One, Britain’s Exterminating Sea Empire.

No proper understanding of either Zionism or anti-Semitism is possible if you think of these as unique beliefs arising for baffling reasons.  It is wrong to suppose that either are due to some Jewish uniqueness.  To me, it has always seemed obvious that these were typical instances of global human behaviour.
Also available as a PDF, Problems 29 – Genocide in the British Empire

21st March Did Russia do the Nerve Gas Assassination?

13th February – Newsnotes for November 2017

30th December – Newsnotes for October 2017.

19th December – When was the Number of Sovereign States at a Minimum?

22nd November – Feed-the-Rich Economics.  Advert for Problems 31.

12th November – Newsnotes for September.

3rd October – Newsnotes for July / August 2017

Assessing May’s failure in the snap election she chose to call.

12th September

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  1. The current list of articles on Tibet did not deal much of Bon, the shamanistic “religion” that was dominant before Princess Wenchang came along. And more importantly, the voodoo like assimilation of Bon deities/demons (wraithful deities aka demons) into what would become known as Tibetan Buddhism. Your list of topics is also lacking coverage of sexual practices among the Lamas and how once when they were dominant during the late Mongol period, they would go around deflowering brides on the first time of marriage…


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